Our Faculty & Staff

The Sure Foundation Theological Institute International

Life Coach Institute of Orange County

Freedom Bible College & Seminary
Ministry Partners
Dr Marci Tilghman Bryant: BChA; MChM; MEdLeadership.  C.L.C.: Ministry PhD
Pastor of Building the Virtuous Temple Ministries, Director of BVT Ministries Outreach 
and BVT School of Ministry.  President of Freeom Bible College & Seminary Branch 93
Bishop Billy Lane, Jr : ACS; BChA: C.L.C.
Sr Pastor of Christian Growth Ministries, and Dean of BVT School of Ministry in 
Wilmington, DE.; VP Freedom Bible College & Seminary Branch 93; Professor
Min. Stacy Stancell: ACS; BChA & C.L.C.
 Administration All Schools. Professor & Life Coach Instructor

Evangelist Tanya Tilghman: ACS; 
Instructor in the Associates Program

Elder Duane Gould: ACS; BChA
Administration - Wilmington, DE

Deacon Clarence Tilghman, Sr; ACS
Proctor - All Schools

Gregory K. Adams Sr: ACS & Certified Coach - Baltimore, MD; Life Coach Instructor

Evangelist Bea Baylor: BChA: C.L.C.
Admin - Austin, TX